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EO Mentorship is about building yourself and others throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Whether you have a “thirst for learning” and seek a mentor to help you “boldly go,” or you have a strong desire to “make a mark” and give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs, EO Mentorship offers you the opportunity of a lifetime.


The greatest part about my mentoring relationship with Mark is that even as we celebrated my getting to the top, he looked at me and said, ‘What’s next?’ Mentoring is helping me create the future I want.

Kristina Marshall, President and CEO of Winning Futures EO Detroit

How does it work?

  • EO matches mentorship pairs based on mentor expertise and mentee goals.
  • Pairs will meet face-to-face monthly, scheduled at the mentor’s convenience.
  • During each meeting, the mentee will bring forward specific goals for development, while the mentor acts as a sounding board.

EO Mentorship is a chapter-driven program for EO members. Programs are based locally at the chapter level, and all operations are carried out at the chapter level.

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